Our brain is an organ of soft nervous tissue, which along with the spinal cord and peripheral nerves comprises the body’s central nervous system.
The brain is located in the skull which protects it from injury.

The brain consists of many specialised parts that work together to control our movements, personalities, thoughts and memory.

The cerebrum:  The largest part of our brain, made up of grey matter and white matter. The tightly folded grey matter gives the brain its wrinkly look.
The cerebrum plays a role in our memory, senses, speech, personality, movement, vision, consciousness.
The cerebrum is divided into sections called lobes: Frontal lobes, Parietal lobes, Temporal lobes and the Occipital lobes.

The Cerebellum:  The second largest part of the brain helps control our balance, posture, language.

The brain stem:  Controls reflexes and crucial life functions.

The diencephalon:  Divided into sections; thalamus which relays information to and from the cerebral hemispheres, and the hypothalamus which controls sensory function and the secretion of some hormones.

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