According to experts, drinking alcohol does make people happier, but only in the short term.

Excessive alcohol can affect your mind and body. Drink sensibly to protect yourself from alcohol related illness or injury.

Regularly drinking excessive alcohol can have severe effects on your health. Researchers have linked alcohol to some illnesses including liver disease, brain damage, high blood pressure, depression, damage to the nervous system, mouth, throat, breast and stomach cancers.

Drink in moderation in order not to harm your health.

Alcohol impairs your driving ability. Do not drink and drive.

It takes about one hour for your body to break down one unit of alcohol (10ml or 8g of pure alcohol), depending on your weight, sex, age, the food in your stomach, medications, metabolism and the strength of the alcohol.

Drinking too much alcohol can affect your judgement and behaviour. It can affect your sleep patterns.
Be careful not to be dependent on alcohol.

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